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CoinTracker is the best solution in the world for paying your crypto taxes, bar none. The integrations are simple and precise, and they've thought through all the edge cases. It is the best.

Garry TanCEO, Y Combinator
Garry Tan avatar

For those who asked about my crypto taxes - ended up going w @cointracker_io. Best UX I found after looking at a number of options! (FWIW I'm not an investor in the company, nor is anyone paying me to say this).

Arianna SimpsonGeneral Partner, a16z
Arianna Simpson avatar

Started to do taxes this weekend and seriously big kudos to @cointracker_io for an amazing job on their product - hugely relieved to have my crypto taxes done in less than 5 mins.

Rishab HedgeDirector of Eng, Rippling
Rishab Hedge avatar

Been doing my taxes dreading adding crypto in. BUT, the @turbotax and @cointracker_io integration is a breeze. Sanity restored.

Brent Farese@BrentFarese
Brent Farese avatar

CoinTracker is more than just a portfolio tracker; it's a comprehensive solution for managing crypto investments and tax obligations. Its ease of use, extensive cryptocurrency support, and reliable tax features make it an invaluable tool for both novice and experienced investors in the crypto space.

Currently using the free tier, and it is superb! Great way to keep track of multiple exchange transactions in one place. Will make my tax returns a piece of cake! Loving the new dark theme too - way better. Overall the best crypto asset tracker available - keep up the great work! Highly recommended.

Great tax service for those with multiple crypto accounts. Saves a lot of time and provides populated tax forms for easy submission to the IRS.

So far the best crypto tracking app I have used with many automated imports and nice clean UI. Everyone can give it a try on free plan, which is quite handy on its own and decide for advanced features like tax reporting later / when needed.

Great product with some really neat coin tracking features, even the free offering is nice!

It was a life saver when filing my taxes. I felt confident that it captured all of my Coinbase transactions and that my tax liability was calculated correctly. It imported into my tax software easily as well.

Currently using the free tier, and it is superb! Great way to keep track of multiple exchange transactions in one place. Will make my tax returns a piece of cake! Loving the new dark theme too - way better. Overall the best crypto asset tracker damn, @cointracker_io is 🔥


just discovered @CoinTracker, I've been maintaining a google sheet painstakingly tracking all my deposits and buys since 2017, so glad I don't have to do this anymore lol. still in the red though so

Ali Abdaal@AliAbdaal

It has made it extremely easy for me to file my taxes at the end of the year without having to weed through piles of documents and e-mail confirmations to figure out what transactions and earnings I had/made during the year. I could never have filed my taxes last year without CoinTrackers reports.

Big fan of Cointracker. Been using a few years now. Easy to connect wallets. Simple dashboard. Tax summaries. Real time prices. Essentially it's my go to one stop shop.

CoinTracker has functionality that (surprisingly) Coinbase does not. So that's why I started using CoinTracker: to see my unrealized returns (%). Also, their charts are easy to use. Thankful that they integrate with Coinbase and allow me to see important information about my portfolio that Coinbase doesn't.

Connected all of my wallets and exchanges in one place. This experience was smooth and it seems more precise than Coinstats.

Fast, accurate, comprehensive experience. One of the core user products in crypto.

Time saver: If you trade crypto, then you need this. Otherwise, it will take weeks to figure out how much you earned in the past year. Its improved, and much better than the past, including cust. service

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