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Coinbase Selects CoinTracker to Make it Easy to Complete Crypto Taxes

Vera Tzoneva

Jan 24, 2022 • 2 MIN READ

To help customers more easily and confidently file their cryptocurrency taxes, we are excited to announce that Coinbase has chosen CoinTracker as its exclusive crypto tax partner.

Tax season has begun, and a significant portion of the estimated 221 million worldwide cryptocurrency users will be filing taxes on their digital assets for the first time this year. And the complexity of tracking one’s digital portfolio and staying tax compliant may seem like a daunting task. This is because buying and selling cryptocurrency is happening across multiple exchanges, wallets and use cases. And new tax regulations, such as the U.S. Infrastructure Bill, are being introduced to crack down on tax compliance. In short, crypto investors could use more help to make their crypto tax compliance accurate and seamless.

Together with Coinbase, we will ensure our customers will have all that they need:

  • Coinbase's new tax center allows customers to see all of their taxable activity on Coinbase in one place, and to determine if they owe taxes and how much.
  • In cases where users have transactions outside Coinbase, CoinTacker will aggregate their transactions across exchanges, wallets, and DeFi services, and make calculations easy and accurate.
  • All Coinbase customers are eligible for free tax reports for the first 3,000 transactions on Coinbase and Coinbase Pro. Users can also get 10% off CoinTracker plans that support the syncing of any other wallet or exchange. Check out how to use the functionality today.

Crypto taxes do not have to be complicated. Coinbase and CoinTracker are making it easier for customers to understand and file their crypto taxes with more ease and confidence.

If you have any questions or comments about crypto taxes let us know on Twitter @CoinTracker.

CoinTracker integrates with 300+ cryptocurrency exchanges, 8,000+ blockchains, and makes bitcoin tax calculations and portfolio tracking simple.

Disclaimer: This post is informational only and is not intended as tax advice. For tax advice, please consult a tax professional.


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