Donate Crypto

Donating cryptocurrency is a great way to make an impact while optimizing your taxes. When you contribute cryptocurrency to a qualified charitable organization, you do not owe taxes on any capital gains that might have been realized through a sale.

Minimizing liability

For donations in 2022, CoinTracker will offer the ability to use specific accounting to optimize tax relief from donations. For example, if you donate 0.01 BTC, you'll be able to account for that from the lowest price BTC you bought, maximizing your tax savings in 2023.

Emergency relief in Ukraine

Like many of you, our hearts continue to be with the people of Ukraine, and we have been inspired by the acts of bravery and humanity from those working towards peace.

CoinTracker's mission is to increase the world's financial freedom and prosperity. In support, we have made a crypto donation to the Ukraine Emergency Response Fund, and we will be building more features and partnerships this year to help enable continued generosity within the crypto community.