Connecting your KuCoin account to CoinTracker

  1. Open the Kucoin API Keys page
  2. Click the Create API button
  3. Enter a name and passphrase of your choice
  4. Enter your trading password, email verification code and Google verification code
  5. Copy the Passphrase, Key and Secret
  6. RECOMMENDED For additional security, disable the Trade and Withdraw permissions for this API key.
Due to a limitation in Kucoin's API, transactions before 2/18/2019 will not be synchronized automatically. After adding your Kucoin account you will be redirected to import older transactions from CSV.

To import your trade history prior to 2/18/2019 from Kucoin, follow these steps:

  1. Open the V1 Records page
  2. Select the Trade History tab
  3. Select the date range in which your trades occurred and press Export to CSV - Kucoin only allows downloading one month at a time, so repeat these steps multiple times if necessary
  4. Import the downloaded file below


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