Connecting your WazirX account to CoinTracker

How to add your WazirX account:
  1. Open the WazirX API Key Manager page
  2. Select Create New Key and choose any name for the key
  3. If applicable, enter your two-factor authentication code and email OTP code
  4. RECOMMENDEDSelect the newly created API Key and confirm that it only grants the Read Only permission
  5. Copy the API Key and API Secret and paste them into CoinTracker
To add your WazirX transactions via file:
  1. Visit the WazirX Download Reports page
  2. Select Trading Report
  3. Choose the current Financial Year timeframe
  4. Select all transaction types to include them in your report
  5. Click the Request Trading Report button
  6. Check your email for the WazirX trading report
  7. Import the WazirX trading report to CoinTracker
Please note that only exchange trades, P2P trades, OTC trades, and STF trades will be imported via API sync. Deposits and withdrawals will not be imported into CoinTracker when syncing by API. All deposit and withdrawal transactions should be manually entered. All deposit and withdrawal transactions can be found in the "Deposits and Withdrawals" sheet of the trading report by following the steps here to download the trading report.


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