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NFTs are digital assets or tokens that represent ownership over another asset. You’ve probably seen popular NFTs like Bored Ape Yacht Club monkeys or World of Women avatars, and might own some NFTs yourself. CoinTracker helps you manage all your NFTs in one place through the NFT Center and it’s also the simplest and fastest NFT tax calculator to determine the tax impact of your NFTs.
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Simplest NFT tax calculator

CoinTracker is the simplest and fastest NFT tax calculator, and can easily keep track of your portfolio to determine taxable gains or losses. We sync to all your wallets to pull NFT information and calculate the cost bases and gains/losses. You can also edit/add transactions manually as needed.
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NFT Center - easily sync your assets

CoinTracker has a dedicated NFT Center which shows you all your NFTs across your different wallets. You can sort/filter by wallet and date acquired to make it easy to track and manage your NFTs. It’s also a one-step process to add new wallets to auto-populate new NFTs into the NFT Center. We periodically sync with all your wallets to get buys and sells to keep your NFT portfolio up to date. You can also easily share owned NFTs via Twitter. And you can access this on our website or through our iOS and Android mobile apps.

NFT info & capital gains

CoinTracker shows you all the details of purchased NFTs i.e. when and where you bought it, and for what price. We link to our partners like OpenSea if you want to explore similar collections. CoinTracker’s software tracks the price of all buys and sells so we can calculate your NFT Capital Gains and Losses and make it easy to manage taxes.
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Detailed tax reporting

NFT Tax reporting has some nuances compared to other cryptocurrencies, because NFTs are treated as “collectibles,” which has special tax implications for high earners. CoinTracker’s software can generate and populate these forms automatically based on your portfolio to make this hassle-free. CoinTracker automatically adds the end-of-year gains/losses to your overall crypto taxes so you can see how the different elements add up to the overall gain or loss.

Automatically track your crypto portfolio and taxes with CoinTracker

With CoinTracker, you can import all your BTC, ETH, SOL, etc. transactions across hundreds of wallets and exchanges automatically. We remove all the hassle of reconciling transactions and calculating the different tax treatments of different crypto actions. This spans across cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DeFi, and margin trading. Easily track your digital assets and generate tax forms in minutes!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Get advice and answers from the CoinTracker team.

For most users, you can use  IRS Form 8949 and Schedule D to report NFT gains/losses and trades. Professionals can use Schedule C or the applicable business tax form (Form 1065, Form 1120, or Form 1120-S) to report their NFT income and business expenses. See our NFT tax guide for full details.

Most countries don’t have official statements around NFTs, but have been treating them like other crypto currencies. This means that buying/selling NFTs is taxable, and using crypto to buy NFTs is also taxable. The profit from selling an NFT or using another crypto asset to buy an NFT can both lead to taxable gains. Minting is typically not taxable, and gifting NFTs can be taxed depending on the country and value of NFT. There are also special scenarios around gifting NFTs, owning fractional NFTs, etc.
CoinTracker stays up to date with taxation policy in various countries to make sure your taxes are accurate, and our system is up to date for 2022 and the 2023 tax year. See our NFT tax guide for full details.

Every CoinTracker plan, including the free ones, supports NFTs. The tax or portfolio plan you purchase will depend on the number of transactions/wallets linked.


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