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CoinTracker’s crypto portfolio tracker lets you track your entire cryptocurrency, NFT, and DeFi portfolio across 300+ exchanges and 10,000+ cryptocurrencies. We unify your transaction history across every crypto service and make it searchable and filterable.

The portfolio manager lets you see your gains and losses across all assets and provides daily portfolio updates. Premium plans also give advice on tax loss harvesting and breakdown performance over type and by specific assets. You can access this information on the website or through our iOS and Android mobile apps.
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All the essentials for crypto users
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Our manager easily connects all your wallets and exchanges

CoinTracker supports over ten thousand crypto assets and connects to major wallets and exchanges like Coinbase, OpenSea, Binance, and FTX. We support automatic import from most major exchanges so you can connect your assets in minutes. In addition, we’ll keep CoinTracker in sync with your wallets and exchanges so your information is always up to date. We also support manual import via CSV for smaller exchanges as an option.

Get accurate live price data

CoinTracker refreshes data constantly so you always have an accurate, real-time view of your portfolio value. With our iOS/Android mobile apps or our mobile website, you can check your portfolio anytime or anywhere. In addition, we send daily portfolio updates via app notification or email so you can see your gain/loss for that day (hopefully gain!).

Software that monitors crypto performance over time

With our Enthusiast and Pro plans, you can see performance over time, by crypto, and by date. This allows you to track your crypto portfolio over time with configurable slices i.e. 1-day, 1-week, 1-month, or 3-month time windows. You can also see total and unrealized performance over these periods.

Receive daily updates

CoinTracker’s crypto portfolio app (iOS/Android) sends daily push notifications so you can easily get an update on how your portfolio’s doing. This includes weekends when crypto assets are trading but the stock/equity markets are closed. Desktop/web users can also opt to receive an update email with daily changes. This is a fun and simple way to stay up-to-date on whats happening in the crypto market and how that’s affecting your portfolio.

Keep your data secure and private

CoinTracker does not hold or store any cryptocurrency for you. We use API integrations or CSVs to connect and pull your transaction history, and then we show you the portfolio gain/loss based on that. Your transaction data is stored securely in our servers with [encryption]. CoinTracker will not access your account data without your permission and explicit request i.e. for a support request. We are trusted by over one million users to track crypto portfolios securely.

Automatically sync your holdings

Thanks to integrations with hundreds of exchange partners, we can automatically track and update your portfolio. So you can continue to use Coinbase, Robinhood, OpenSea etc. to make transactions, and CoinTracker will automatically sync any buys/sells/transfers/etc. We also notify you about transactions that occur in different wallets that are tracked by CoinTracker. There’s always the option of manual CSV upload if you prefer.

Tax loss harvesting for pro users

With our Pro Portfolio plan, you get access to tax-loss harvesting opportunities. This shows you in real-time where you can sell specific assets/coins to write-off losses. This can help save thousands on your crypto taxes. See our guide for more information on tax-loss harvesting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get advice and answers from the CoinTracker team.

Our portfolio subscription helps you track the performance of your crypto portfolio over time, with gains and losses calculated per crypto. It is billed monthly. View pricing

Our tax plans accurately calculate your taxes and generate tax reports for a given tax year. They cost a one-off fee for each tax year. View pricing

CoinTracker supports thousands of crypto, NFT, and DeFi assets including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), etc. See our wallets & exchanges page for the full list of exchanges we support.

Tax loss harvesting allows you to realize losses from certain trades to offset gains from other trades. For example, if you had a $5,000 gain in BTC and a $4,000 loss in ETH, you could sell both to end up with $1,000 in net gains. CoinTracker shows you the unrealized gains/losses for each asset and transaction so you can figure out what to sell to harvest losses. See our tax loss harvesting guide for more info.

If you only use CoinTracker for calculating taxes, you do not need a portfolio subscription, and everything you need to connect your wallets and calculate your taxes will continue to work as before. See our taxes page for more info.

There are limits depending on plan. Tracking up to five wallets is free, with different tiers beyond that. Enthusiasts can connect up to 30 wallets, and Pro users can connect up to 100 wallets.

You may have to pay taxes on crypto depending on your total gain/loss and country of residence. Check out our Crypto tax guide for more details.


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