Connect your MetaMask account to CoinTracker

CoinTracker integrates directly with MetaMask to make tracking your balances, transactions and crypto taxes easy.

Connecting your MetaMask account to CoinTracker

Copy and paste your ETH address in the "address" field. This will automatically pull in your ETH and ERC-20 balances and transactions.
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What is Metamask?

Metamask is a browser extension that is also an Ethereum wallet. Users can store Ethereum or any ERC-20 token in Metamask and use it to interact with Web2 and Web3 sites and Decentralized apps (Dapps) that use an ETH wallet. It only takes a few minutes to setup a Metamask wallet. Metamask has over 21 million monthly users as of August 2022. You can transfer ETH directly to Metamask from other wallets/exchanges, or use Metamasks' partners to directly buy ETH.

How are Metamask transactions taxed?

How crypto transactions are taxed will depend on factors such as how and when the assets were received and spent. Read our Crypto tax guide for more.

What does Metamask provide?

Metamask does not provide a 1099, end of year financial statement, or tax report. In addition, Metamask does not report directly to the IRS. Metamask doesn't collect users' personal information so is unable to generate any of these statements. Users can link their ETH public address in CoinTracker to manage their portfolio and generate tax forms.

How does CoinTracker work with Metamask?

CoinTracker automatically imports Metamask transactions from your public address. For more, check out How to add my MetaMask Wallet in our Help Center.

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