Connect your Yoroi account to CoinTracker

CoinTracker integrates directly with Yoroi to make tracking your balances, transactions and crypto taxes easy.

Connecting your Yoroi account to CoinTracker

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What is Yoroi?

Yoroi was created in 2018 with the initial goal of providing a light wallet for Cardano (ADA) holders to store their cryptocurrency. With over 50,000 users in 4 years, the Yoroi wallet now also supports ERGErgo's native token.

Yoroi was created by EMURGO—a technology company, providing blockchain solutions for firms, developers, startups, and governments, and one of Cardano's three founding entities.

Although the Yoroi wallet is light, users still have access to essential wallet functions, like staking for a chance to earn more crypto and airdrops. Yoroi has also been actively exploring DeFi solutions for the Cardano ecosystem.

Yoroi is a light wallet, which means downloading a full copy of the blockchain isn't necessary for the wallet to work correctly. This makes it super quick for wallet users to verify the reception of transactions.

How are Yoroi transactions taxed?

How crypto transactions are taxed will depend on factors such as how and when the assets were received and spent. Read our Crypto tax guide for more.

What does Yoroi provide?

Yoroi doesn't provide tax statements or financial statements or directly report to tax authorities. However, users can download their transaction history and import it into CoinTracker to calculate taxable gains/losses. Tracking your Yoroi crypto portfolio with a platform like CoinTracker can help understand your wallet transactions and financial position. You can also generate a full tax report for filing end-of-year taxes.

How does CoinTracker work with Yoroi?

CoinTracker currently accepts CSV uploads of Yoroi transactions, which can be generated in the top right of the Transactions tab to Yoroi's desktop view. You must convert this CSV into the generic CoinTracker CSV format. To track updates on an upgraded integration with Yoroi, follow along on our feedback page.

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