Connecting your Bitrue account to CoinTracker

  1. Open the Bitrue API page
  2. Click the Create API key button and give the API key a name
  3. Enter your two-step verification code to confirm creation of the API key
  4. Look for the confirmation email in your inbox and click on the link
  5. Copy the API Key and API Secret
  6. Enable both the Read information and Trading available permissions for the new key
  7. Select Not limited to any IP for IP access restrictions
  8. Click Save settings
Bitrue's API supports fetching only your 1,000 most recent trades, and does not support syncing deposits and withdrawals. After adding your Bitrue wallet, upload a CSV of your transaction history to complete your records.
To import your transaction history from Bitrue, follow these steps:
  1. Reach out to Bitrue support to request a CSV export of your transactions for CoinTracker.
  2. Re-format the file like this
  3. Upload your CSV file(s) here

For more details follow this guide.


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