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Introducing a revamped transactions page

Alexandra Reyes

February 20, 2024  ·  2 min read

Introducing a revamped transactions page

We are thrilled to introduce our latest product release — a revamped transactions experience.

The transactions page is where users view crypto activity, understand tax implications, and dig into the details. Put simply, it’s the most critical surface within CoinTracker.

Over the past few months, we have been laser-focused on your feedback and rebuilt our transaction experience from the ground up. This release is simpler and more than twice as fast. We have also transformed our DeFi support to ensure your crypto activity is easily understood and processed accurately. Whether you’re adding liquidity, lending your assets, or interacting with NFTs, CoinTracker has you covered.

Let’s dive into the improvements in this new release:

  • Streamlined layout: A compact layout means you can see more of your transactions in a single view without scrolling, making it easier to get the full picture of your crypto activity at a glance. Welcome spreadsheet-mode.
  • Focused data: Each row now focuses on your most important data, highlighting your overall gains or losses and removing any extra clutter. If you’re ever curious about the details, expand any transaction with a click to see a simple table with all accounting calculations.
  • DeFi categories: We have improved our tags feature with a simple Category that reflects the context of a transaction to help you understand what actually happened. To cover all of DeFi, we’ve added many new categories to support liquidity pools, lending protocols, and more.
  • Easy edits: Adjusting the category of a DeFi transaction is now simpler with our one-click solution. We have also refined the bulk selection interface so you can easily manage and edit multiple transactions at once, especially useful for reporting pesky spam airdrops in bulk.
  • Improved filters: Our filters have a new coat of polish and better functionality. You’ll now see a cleaner search bar and a category filter to find what you’re looking for easily. Categories are now also fully mutually exclusive, which means a filter for sends or receives will have just those transactions.
  • Spam settings: We know how frustrating those Spam airdrops are when reviewing your activity. So, we’ve launched a display settings feature that lets you hide spam airdrops from the transactions view. And soon, spam airdrops will be automatically detected for you.
  • Speed improvements: We’ve supercharged the transactions page, improving the page load speed by more than 2x. We’ve also significantly reduced CSV download times, in some instances, by more than tenfold. Our transactions engine can now process complex crypto transactions so much faster.

We’re confident that our revamped transactions page will make managing your crypto taxes not only easier but also more enjoyable. Your feedback and ideas have been instrumental for this release, and our team cannot wait for you to experience these improvements this tax season.

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