An Update on Improving Our Customer Experience

Chandan Lodha
Chandan Lodha

July 9, 2021  ·  2 min read

An Update on Improving Our Customer Experience

Background on CoinTracker customer support

2021 has been an unprecedented year in the crypto space and for CoinTracker in particular. The team has been absolutely blown away by the outpouring of enthusiasm for our product from the community and we are incredibly grateful for that. Just in the past year, our user base has grown from 100,000 to over half a million users.

We have done so much that we are proud of, but one area where we know we could have done better was providing fast, reliable support to our users. The huge growth has been very exciting for the team, though it also has meant that gone are the days where our founders could personally respond to every support request.

As Head of Customer Support it's my responsibility to see that our customers are taken care of and we recognize that many of you are still waiting patiently for resolutions to your inquiries even as the 2020 US tax season has ended. We haven't forgotten about you! Every day, our support staff are working hard to respond to your requests.

I know that this is a frustrating and disappointing situation for you: our valued customers. I want to take this chance to outline our plans to improve going forward.

Improvements to support going forward

We are making a number of systematic improvements to holistically upgrade our customer support to the next level and ensure we deliver a world-class support experience for our users. Changes like:

Hiring an all-star team of product support specialists

The way we can most impact the customer experience is by radically increasing the size of our customer support team. We've already doubled the size of our support team since February (expect to see many new friendly faces offering help). Our goal is to more than 10x the team by the 2021 tax season. Keen to help make the world more financially free and prosperous? Check out our open roles — we're hiring a remote team globally!

Putting more self-serve and educational materials in your hands

Crypto taxes are hard. We know that and we want to make it easier for newcomers and veterans alike. We're committed to producing even more high-quality educational content that demystifies the tax experience and empowers your understanding so you can take control of your financial journey. Keep an eye out for consistent additions to the content in our Help Center, YouTube channel, and blog.

Engaging the CoinTracker community

We're investing even more energy into our CoinTracker communities on Discourse, Reddit, and Telegram so you can get the answers you need where you are. Harness the entire CoinTracker community to help understand your portfolio, tax liabilities, and more together! Interested in helping grow our community? Reach out!

Improving and simplifying the product experience

You've told us what you want. We're building it!

New features, product improvements, and bug fixes are rolling out continuously. In addition to growing our support team, we're expanding our engineering team to deliver new products faster. Know any engineers excited about crypto? Point them our way. A new CoinTracker experience is underway that will help make filing your taxes and managing your portfolio as easy as pie.

While you're here

I want to say thank you so much for being part of the CoinTracker community. We appreciate each and every one of you. I am personally so excited for the future of crypto and the new world of decentralized financial markets.

Remember, keep you and your investments safe!