CoinTracker x Coinbase: Four Years of Partnership

Vera Tzoneva
Vera Tzoneva

January 18, 2024  ·  2 min read

CoinTracker x Coinbase: Four Years of Partnership

We are excited to kick off the year with another big announcement: Coinbase has selected CoinTracker as one of its strategic partners to help Coinbase users easily and confidently file their cryptocurrency taxes. Our partnership continues to deepen and grow — 2024 marks our fourth year together.

Coinbase’s long term partner

CoinTracker and Coinbase first partnered to help users solve the complexities of crypto taxes in tax season 2021. Later that year, we were thrilled to include Coinbase Ventures in our Series A. With each tax season, our partnership has evolved — along the way we launched major improvements such as our integration with Coinbase Wallet. Today, CoinTracker is the trusted crypto tax software for 1M+ Coinbase users.

100% Coinbase coverage

Since last tax season, CoinTracker has been hyper-focused on product quality. With the launch of CoinTracker 2.0, you now get full coverage for Coinbase, including Coinbase Prime, Base, cbETH, and everything in Coinbase Earn, including non-staking assets like USDC. We have also made it easier to add your Coinbase Wallet by integrating with Wallet Connect. As part of our partnership, CoinTracker will continue to quickly support every new trading feature that Coinbase launches. Our technical alignment with the Coinbase team enables us to build support before features launch to the public so you can track from day one.

Putting crypto back in your wallet

Together with Coinbase, we’re thrilled to offer CoinTracker x Coinbase users the following perks:

  • New Coinbase users get 20% off until 2025.
  • All Coinbase users get a free upgrade to year-round tax optimization and performance tracking tools (up to $350 value), including tax-loss harvesting and tax lot insights:
    • Tax-loss harvesting enables you to strategically manage losses at the lot level, much like in traditional brokerage services.
    • Tax lot insights gives you a view of your crypto portfolio at the lot level to see exactly the performance, holding period, and performance of each crypto lot.

To take advantage of the promotion as a new user, you can simply navigate to the CoinTracker x Coinbase partnership page, sign up for CoinTracker, and connect to Coinbase or Coinbase Wallet. As a returning user, you will automatically receive the account upgrades.

Built in the US and shaping crypto tax regulation

In August 2024, the US Treasury & IRS released its proposed digital asset regulations. CoinTracker — built in the USA and with US-based tax professionals on staff — digested the 300+ pages, identified opportunities and challenges, and offered comments back to the IRS. Coinbase independently did the same. In November, CoinTracker and Coinbase came together in Washington, DC among twelve industry leaders who represented the needs of US taxpayers in front of the Treasury.

Our goal is to give you peace of mind

Since day one, the CoinTracker x Coinbase partnership has focused on delivering the highest quality crypto tax solution for users. In year four, our integration is significantly easier to use and provides better accuracy (especially for the most advanced DeFi use cases). As crypto evolves and regulations take shape, CoinTracker and Coinbase will continue to closely partner with the north star of giving you peace of mind. Here’s to another year of partnership!

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