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February 2024 Product Highlights

Alexandra Reyes

Mar 12, 2024 • 1 MIN READ

February was an exciting month - tax season warm-up.

Learn more about what we worked on last month ⬇️

🔮 Advanced DeFi support

CoinTracker now supports Uniswap, Lido, Aave and 23,000+ smart contracts. That means no manual editing, no errors—just add your wallet and let CoinTracker take care of the rest. You can also set rules to treat wrapping, staking, liquidity pool, and lending transactions as non-taxable.

💸 Year-round value with a single subscription

Users consistently asked us for a single price covering all CoinTracker offerings, including tax calculation, portfolio tracking, and tax reports for all years. We heard you ❤️. We’ve combined our tax and portfolio tracking products into a single subscription that provides more year-round value.

⚡Add Wallet via WalletConnect

You can now add EVM wallets easily in CoinTracker with WalletConnect. WalletConnect supports over 300 wallets like Coinbase, MetaMask, Rainbow, etc. Add your wallet today.

🔍 Search for your wallets

We added a search bar so you can easily find wallets by name or specific chains

📅 Change your cost basis method without affecting past tax years

If you have an Ultra plan, you can pick your cost basis method by year. Changes will not affect past tax years, allowing you to optimize your taxes.

🐞 Latest bug fixes and small improvements

  • Transactions page displays wallet network associated with on-chain transactions
  • Unmark tokens as Spam directly from the transactions page
  • ETH staked on Coinbase is displayed as ETH instead of ETH2
  • Fixed bug causing some LP tokens to get an incorrect cost basis
  • Resolved inaccuracies with fees for Coinbase advanced trade orders
  • Tidied up how bridge transactions on Arbitrum are displayed

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