January 2024 Product Highlights

Alexandra Reyes
Alexandra Reyes

February 8, 2024  ·  2 min read

January 2024 Product Highlights

Hope your 2024 is off to the races! We are excited to share our latest product updates with you:

🔌 Native Solana staking support

Tracking staking rewards is easier with CoinTracker. Solana staking rewards received on withdrawing your stake are auto-tagged and included as taxable income in reports.

🏦 Set rules for taxability of DeFi transactions

You can set rules to treat wrapping, liquid staking, liquidity pool, and lending transactions as non-taxable (except if you’re in the UK). Regulations on how to tax them are ambiguous and vary by country, so consult your tax professional before changing default tax treatments.

🤯 Add all EVM wallets in one go

Add all EVM wallets associated with the same address in just one click. Wallets with zero transactions are automatically hidden, significantly de-cluttering the wallets page.

🐞 Latest bug fixes and small improvements

  • Re-organized tax related settings to make it tidier and easier to find
  • Provide more actionable and clearer errors when importing CSVs
  • Added haptics in mobile apps for a better user experience
  • Fixed bugs causing some Solana transactions to have incorrect amounts
  • Fixed Gemini integration to correctly show instant buys
  • Tidied up how things look in dark mode and made it more accessible
  • Resolved a bug causing tax professionals to pay more for historical tax years
  • Shipped an update fixing several small bugs causing NFTs to have incorrect cost basis

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