May 2024 Product Highlights

Alexandra Reyes
Alexandra Reyes

June 5, 2024  ·  2 min read

May 2024 Product Highlights

We hope your tax season went smoothly and that you enjoyed using CoinTracker. If you filed an extension, then CoinTracker is here for you whenever, wherever.

This month, our team is excited to share our latest updates:

⛓️ Linea network support

You can now sync your Linea address to CoinTracker for automatic tracking and tax calculations. CoinTracker will now accurately import and categorize Linea transactions, including DeFi activity such as swapping and lending. Add your Linea address to CoinTracker today.

🤝 Bulk transfer support

CoinTracker now automatically detects when multiple tokens, including NFTs, are transferred to another wallet in one swoop. We’ll make sure that the cost basis transfers over for accurate tax calculations. Transfer away!

🙅‍♀️ Hide staking rewards

We love staking rewards, but we don’t love seeing them take up the whole transactions page. CoinTracker now has the ability to hide your staking rewards, so you can see a more focused view of your transactions. This setting will stick around even if you leave the app and come back later.

💙 Users love CoinTracker

We have loved building awesome products for you, and we’re pumped to showcase your love and excitement for CoinTracker on our homepage.

🐞 Latest bug fixes and small improvements

  • Refreshed token images & information for 13 million NFTs on EVM
  • Enabled asset searching on dashboard and performance pages
  • Improved the Stellar and Tezos blockchain with faster syncing
  • Added automatic support for the Binance CSV format
  • Resolved transaction ingestion issue for Coinbase Prime refunds
  • Fixed a bug related to royalty accounting in tax reports
  • Addressed an issue related to filtering for lending withdrawals
  • Ensured un-staking transactions show the correct cost basis
  • Fixed Cash App CSV import to ensure format is supported

For more, follow us on X. If you are enjoying CoinTracker, please leave us a review on Trustpilot, the App store, or the Play store.

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