March 2024 Product Highlights

Alexandra Reyes
Alexandra Reyes

April 11, 2024  ·  2 min read

March 2024 Product Highlights

Spring has arrived, which means it’s officially time to complete your crypto taxes with ease using CoinTracker. We are excited to share our latest product updates with you:

🌌 Industry-leading Solana support

CoinTracker now automatically and accurately imports and categorizes every Solana transaction, from your initial onramp to the latest DeFi or NFT activity. With comprehensive coverage, we handle everything from token swaps to native SOL and token staking, NFT transactions, liquidity pools, yield farming, lending, rent fees, and more.

⛓️ zkSync Era chain integration

We just launched a new integration for the zkSync Era, which includes top-tier support for DeFi transaction on the network, so that you can calculate your taxes across the Ethereum L2 ecosystem with ease. Add your zkSync Era wallet today.

👾 Automatic spam detection

CoinTracker now auto-detects and hides spam, automatically excluding it when determining which plan tier is best for you. We catch over 1.5 million spam tokens across Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, and more. We also update this list every few minutes to protect you from the latest spam.

📈 Sort transactions by gains or losses

You can now easily sort transactions by largest gains or losses to review your most important crypto activity quickly. Check it out on our revamped transactions experience today.

📁 Tax form downloads

We heard your feedback loud and clear — CoinTracker now ensures that tax forms are automatically downloaded after you hit generate. Forms are also emailed so they’re easily accessible for future reference.

🐞 Latest bug fixes and small improvements

  • Launched, Celsius, and BlockFi CSV integrations for seamless taxes
  • Enabled a re-import option to help improve transaction accuracy on wallets
  • Introduced a transaction value column to quickly view largest transactions
  • Added feature previews on plans to easily see what you’ll get in each tier
  • Addressed a bug related to transfers between Futures and Spot Kraken wallets
  • Improved MagicEden NFT transaction accuracy for listing and selling NFTs
  • Fixed issues on the tax professional dashboard showing erroneous purchases