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December 2023 Product Highlights

Alexandra Reyes

December 7, 2023  ·  2 min read

December 2023 Product Highlights

The season of giving is upon us, and we’re thrilled to share our latest product updates with you:

🧹 Cleaned up spam tokens

Getting rid of unwanted crypto gifts just got easier. CoinTracker now automatically hides spam tokens for you, and you can also review potential spam suggestions on the Tips page.

⭐ Algorand support is here

CoinTracker now supports the Algorand blockchain. Thank you to our ALGO users for their patience and to Kelly, our rockstar intern who made it happen. Add your Algorand wallet today.

🌝 Add your Moonbeam wallet

CoinTracker now supports Moonbeam wallets. Add your Moonbeam wallet today.

👓 Switch between personal and tax professional views

If you’re a tax professional who uses CoinTracker for personal holdings, you can switch between personal and tax professional views. Things are tidier and better organized, enabling you to make the most out of CoinTracker.

🐞 Latest bug fixes and small improvements

  • Shipped clearer and more actionable error messages when importing CSVs
  • Resolved transaction errors on Gemini which caused incorrect transactions
  • Improved dark mode support for ignored transactions
  • Organized tax-related settings together in a new tax setting tab
  • Fixed multiple bugs on Solana that improve accuracy of taxes and portfolio tracking
  • Resolved cost basis inaccuracies when acquiring multiple NFTs
  • Tidied up editing cost basis or proceeds for transactions
  • Transactions tagged as lost are now treated as non-taxable for all countries, not just the US

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