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SurePrep Partners with CoinTracker to Bring Tax Pros the Tools They Need to Serve Crypto Clients

Alexandra Reyes

February 13, 2023  ·  1 min read

SurePrep Partners with CoinTracker to Bring Tax Pros the Tools They Need to Serve Crypto Clients

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Sureprep to bring tax professionals the tools they need to serve their clients’ crypto tax needs accurately and efficiently.

SurePrep is a leader in the 1040 automation software and services industry. Their clients include CPA firms, wealth management firms, and other tax professionals that process 1040s. Their solution is used by over 23,000 tax professionals at all firms and sizes, from three of the Big 4 to sole practitioners.

Cryptocurrency continues to become more and more mainstream with over 46 million crypto holders in the US—roughly 22% of the US adult population. With the digital asset question front and center of the 2022 Form 2040, cryptocurrency has become a subject that every tax pro needs to know.

Keeping up with crypto compliance comes with its challenges. Most cryptocurrency exchanges do not issue any Form 1099-Bs. Manually reconciling a client’s annual gains & losses is virtually impossible due to the sheer volume of crypto transactions, missing cost basis, valuation challenges and complex DeFi & NFT transactions. That’s where CoinTracker comes in…  

With this partnership, SurePrep is making this process easier for tax pros. CoinTracker connects with your clients’ crypto wallets and exchanges, automatically reconciles crypto activity, and generates gain and loss reports, providing you with Form 8949, Schedule D, and Schedule 1.

Undertaking your first crypto client may seem daunting, but CoinTracker is here to help. You can read this guide (How to Serve your First Cryptocurrency Tax Client) to learn more about serving crypto clients.  As a SurePrep customer, you will get dedicated customer support from the SurePrep and CoinTracker team and a heavily discounted tax pro rate. To get started, just create an account here.

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